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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I pay with a credit card or debit card?
Answer: Yes, you can pay securely through Pay Pal Card gif PayPal gif.

Question: Will I need to open a Pay Pal account?
Answer: No, Pay Pal will only need your email address. Opening an account is not necessary.

Question: Will this work with Macintosh & PC.
Answer: Yes, in fact it will work with any hardware unit
that reads and writes audio files and sample rates in any of the acceptable fomats.

Question: My engineers studio use uses Pro Tools but in my home studio I use Digital Performer, will's files be compatible with both?
Answer: Yes, in fact's files will work with all Digital Audio Programs that can read and write audio files and sample rates in any of the acceptable fomats.

Question: I need this done yesterday. What is the quickest way to get thru the whole process?
Answer: Let know that you need this right away then follow the steps on the "How It Works" page and use Pay Pal  Cards gif PayPal gif for payment. We will get it right back to you.

Question: When we receive the files will there be any effects on the horns.
Answer: No the files will have no reverb or delay at all unless you request it. You can add your own reverb or other effects on your final mix.

Question: We have a song that is already mixed, can lay horn parts on top of our mix.
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will you read our horn arrangement?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What if I don't have a horn arrangement written.
Answer: We will write the arrangement for you at no cost.

Question: Can we purchase written copies of the horn arrangement for our live performances?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can sync up to the tracks recorded on analog tape?
Answer: Because of the "Wow and Flutter" problems associated with analog recording the only way we can sync with analog tracks is if they are bounced over to the digital domain. Once the tracks are in any "Digital Audio Program" tracks will work great with them.

Question: Can I get a refund after I have received the horn tracks?
Answer: No way José! You will listen to an MP3 of the parts and decide if you want to pay for the tracks. Please make sure you are happy with the MP3 before you pay for the service and receive tracks.